emily jane steinberg

Emily Jane Steinberg is a visual storyteller: a public listener, Knowledge Worker and scribe who has been working within and across diverse communities for years. With a passion for transformation, creativity, and possibility, she is constantly pushing the limits of these powers both in herself, and in the individuals and groups she serves. 


Emily Jane came to scribing by a winding path. An accomplished writer, poet, events manager, academic, and filmmaker, she also spent years immersed in the visual languages and landscapes of the American and Irish Deaf communities. In addition, she is a long-time student of Buddhism and certified master practitioner of NLP, actively plunging the depths of the conscious and unconscious mind. 


All of these skills and experiences merge in the practices of listening, synthesizing and reflecting that comprise her present role. Her wish is to continue serving and working with highly effective teams, supporting individuals and communities to unlock their potential, foster inner and outer alignment, and realize their highest purpose. Since 65% of humans are visual thinkers, drawing on the walls is proven to help.  

Emily Jane holds an MA in Deaf Studies (cultural studies emphasis) from Gallaudet University, and a BA in Film & Media Studies, and Women’s Studies, from the University of Rochester. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa and is an alumni of the Fulbright Program.  

She is an active member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and serves on the Board of Ordinary Dharma. Emily Jane lives in Austin, TX with her wife Meredith. 


Photo Credit: Danielle Cochran