My visual storytelling and graphic facilitation practices are both rooted in the same place - a core of deep listening, transformation and growth. 


Whether you need a graphic recorder for a single event or are seeking an ongoing facilitation partner to support your team, my ears and mind are open and my markers are ready. Serving clients in southern California and beyond with live in-person or remote virtual services. 

Here is my promise - you'll have all that I have to offer. My visual and verbal intellect, my flexibility and creative problem-solving, and my dedication to creating an environment where communities and teams can thrive. Let's begin. 

Digital Map of conversation with Ibram X Kendi and Emma Willard School, October 19, 2020

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Synthesized meta-narrative mapping of the paradigms, science, and possibilities shared and explored at the 2019 HEALinc Future Health Innovation Summit in Nassau, Bahamas:


Generative and emergent scribing - this 20 foot collage wall captures the content, discussions, art-making and complex landscapes and experiences in the room as the LA County Arts Commission's 2019 Art of Leadership cohort spent their first two days together. April 2019:

Art of Leadership

Synthesis of 20+ sessions from REMODE LA 2018 - a fashion industry event focused on disruption, innovation, sustainability and growth

ReMode LA Panorama.jpg

what people are saying

Emily Jane’s gifts are beyond measure. Her deep and close listening is extraordinary—including for material that is new to her. And her ability to read the undercurrents of a conversation and produce imagery that is both beautiful AND useful is a rare gift. Plus she’s so easy to work with, super low key. Rarely would we recommend someone so heartily, with no hesitations at all. Thank you Emily Jane for bringing your gifts to our work.

Liz Alperin Solms and Marie McCormick

Insyte Partners

Emily Jane is SO talented. She was thoughtful, brilliant, on time, and so central to our planning process. The investment we made in the artifacts she created have shown their value through the entire year -- as we update our planning, we refer back to our planning journey and I am convinced that keeping the graphic output on the wall helps our planning conversations to keep moving forward and never back.

Darlene Lanham, Executive Director

Asian Family Support Services of Austin

Events are ephemeral, which makes it a challenge for organizers to keep the momentum going after a talk concludes. Emily Steinberg's scribing of our Keynote speakers at SXSW Eco have been shared throughout our community countless times. Not only visually compelling, the notes really capture the content of the talk, and drive people to our captured video from the conference to hear more. Emily is talented and a true pleasure to work with. The value her work added to our conference, both onsite and after the fact, is incalculable. 

Julie Yost, Design Curator + Creative Strategist, SXSW Eco

Emily is not only very talented, she is also genuinely curious and she is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend Emily for anyone who wants to elevate their talks, workshops or retreats. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with Emily again in the future. 

Natalie Currie, Executive Leadership Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker. Natalie Currie Enterprises, Inc. 

Emily recorded our SXSW session. Her graphics added a valuable layer to the experience. As participants snapped photos of the "big picture," I knew that they would retain the key points of their new practice. Can't recommend her enough! 

Kate Hayward, Sticky Knowledge

Emily's graphic recording services have proven extremely useful and inspiring to GAVA both in our operations meetings and in public dialogue with residents and our city's policymakers. Besides giving staff a visual way to digest content in meetings, we're able to look at the "big picture" and reflect on our strategies and successes long after meetings, which often generates new ideas. I highly recommend Emily's services to anyone looking to refresh meeting spaces, highlight information in conferences and lectures, and to enhance the interactive nature of any collaboration. 

Carmen Llanes Pulido, Community Director

Go! Austin/Vamos! Austin (GAVA)


Emily is an astute observer and listener. With great skillfulness and sensitivity, she captured the group process and mapped the journey of learning and insight of of our 'Accompanying the Dying' retreat. I highly recommend her! 

Kirsten DeLeo, Trainer, Rigpa’s Spiritual Care Program

Emily is not only super talented, she has a depth that enables her art to reach you in the deepest places. She knows how to capture the essence of the live event that is happening. Quality of Life Care has used her for 2 years in a row in our deeply spiritual and practical End of Life Doula Retreat with world renowned end of life trainers and her work has been outstanding. I highly recommend her. 

Deanna Cochran, Founder, Quality of Life Care, LLC

High Level Content Maps from Accompanying the Dying - March 2017

Highlights from ASU Futures Summit - November 2016


Time Lapse Videos: Emily Jane at work

Tandem Digital Scribing of 30min Cengage product launch presentation 

(our inputs were being projected into the adjacent ballroom on floor-to-ceiling wraparound projection screens) - December 2017

short loop of graphic capturing during Keynote presentation by Bill Nye at SXSW Eco  - October 2016.